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Complete Plant Health Care begins with a thorough inspection, evaluation and diagnosis of your trees and shrubs. Then after a conclusion is reached, a recommendation can be made on the best form of action to take. We have the necessary knowledge, experience and test equipment to give a complete inspection at the site. We also have an extensive library and other sources for research. The following is a list of areas for which a Consulting Arborist would be called upon.

Disease and pest diagnosis
Working with professional diagnostic labs.

Structural evaluation
Determining the structural integrity of a tree for the purpose of safety to people as well as preventing damage to the tree itself.

Soil analysis and root problems
Many problems with the canopy of a tree are often below ground.

Construction and infrastructure problems
Are you planning on expanding your house or building a new home on a site with existing trees? It is important that in the construction process the trees are not damaged.

Encroachment problems
Having legal problems with the neighbors? Maybe your tree is blocking their view or vice versa. Sometimes trees and/or their roots can cause problems to another property.

Tree appraisal and evaluation
Tree appraisals are necessary for legal, insurance, tax and land conservancy issues. We can also go on a site to identify, describe, evaluate, tag and inventory groups of trees. And we can document the information on paper or in electronic media to help property owners decide upon the best course of action for the care of their tree and property.

Plant and tree selection
Helping to find “the right tree for the right place,” and advice on proper tree care, can eliminate many problems in the future. See our services page on planting.

Arborist reports
Commercial and residential.

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