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Ted Kipping travels worldwide to learn more about trees as well as locating rare flora and fauna. He provides lectures on many topics, demonstrations, and workshops on aspects of arboriculture, regional horticulture, regional botany and specialty pruning subjects. These include bonsai, topiary, and espalier. Lecture attendees can benefit from his work by applying his research findings to horticultural design and the preservation of local and regional properties.

Every year, he seeks to visit ecosystems new to him in order to acquire information about how we can better grow wild plants in our gardens. He is especially drawn to deserts, mountaintops, and forests as these areas contain some of the most beautiful and interesting plants. Likewise, he visits regional gardens to learn what grows well there and which trends local garden cultures are exploring.

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Botanical Photo Gallery
Ted Kipping’s botanical photography featured here is used in the lectures and workshops. Click any image to enter the photo gallery.
All photos © Ted Kipping.

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