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Urban Tree Care and Preservation Strategies
There are different areas of concern when it comes to tree care and preservation. From routine maintenance and protecting trees from alterations of the environment, to saving historical or valued trees. Advice is provided by a consulting arborist, along with services directed by Ted Kipping and Phil Danielson, both of whom are Certified Arborists.

Proper maintenance for safety and health:
Routine maintenance on trees is necessary to correct structural problems and help prevent limb breakage. For example, sometimes a thick and/or heavy crown of a tree can lead to failure of the whole tree. Deadwood left in trees can be a fire hazard, as well as attracting insects and fungus, which can do extensive damage. Diseases left unchecked can spread to other healthy trees. So sometimes it is necessary to remove a sick tree for the preservation of others. See our tree services page for more detail.

Protection during building and landscape construction
A very important issue in the preservation of trees is in regard to landscape construction and/or building construction. Unfortunately many trees are damaged in these processes. Ignorance about tree physiology can lead to practices that harm the roots of existing trees at a construction site. When the environment of trees is to be altered, protecting them from harm should be on the agenda. Architects as well as landscape architects need to include the expertise of a consulting arborist, before any work on the site is done. Sometimes the effects from damage may not manifest for several years. See our consultation page.

Restoration of damaged or fallen trees Tree Restoration (after) - click for larger photo Tree Restoration (before) - click for larger photo
If the unfortunate happens, sometimes it is possible to salvage a tree. The pictures show a Monterey Pine tree that fell over. This tree had very shallow roots growing in a loose soil over a parking garage or basement. Normally, a tree of this species would not be worth saving. Since it added so much to the aesthetics of the property, the owners wanted to save the tree.
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Preservation of valued and/or historical trees
A consulting arborist can be called upon to advise on issues involving trees on public or private property which are a concern to the neighborhood and wherever disagreements arise. In this case, an independent consulting arborist may be called upon who has the experience in the science and practice of arboriculture as well as specific expertise in the practical, ethical and objective role of consultant.

We feel that preserving important trees is necessary for keeping our environment healthy and beautiful, but several factors may need to be examined in order to determine whether saving a tree is feasible or not.

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